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Guiding Values

Quality Comes First: We are on a relentless quest for perfection.  We strive to perform all tasks correctly the first time to ensure customer satisfaction. We employ all company resources to allow employees to anticipate problems and implement root cause solutions using effective standardized methods that comply with all current industry standards. We believe that quality is built-in to our company procedures and the services we provide. 

Customers And Customer Service Is Our Focus: Sonoran Home Services has not forgotten that only our customers make our business possible.  We understand that we are in the business of helping and serving our customers.  We establish successful customer relationships by exceeding customer expectations for repair and installation services and attitude. We start by listening to our customers, earning our credibility by offering the most comprehensive and innovative repair or installation service available in the industry, delivering superior customer support, demonstrating extensive knowledge of our products and meeting commitments. We believe each employee must effectively serve our customers in order to achieve the goals of the company.

Home Repair And Installation Services Are Our Foundation: Sonoran Home Services is committed to making significant ongoing investments in our company to stay current with ALL industry standard trade practices, building and environmental codes. This  allows Sonoran Home Service the ability to provide the innovative, cost effective, repair and installation service we are known for and proud of.

Employees Are Our Greatest Strength: We provide opportunities promoting employee teamwork, productivity, creativity, pride-in-work, trust, integrity, fairness, involvement, development and empowerment. We base recognition, advancement and compensation on an employee's achievement of excellence in team and individual performance.

Safety Is Never Compromised: We place our concern for safety of our employees and homeowners at the forefront of our decisions, policies and actions. We are all individually and collectively responsible for safety.

Communication Is Vital: We encourage appropriate, honest, constructive and timely communication in company, customer and community relationships to resolve issues, exchange information and share knowledge.

Professional Ethics Are Practiced: We manage our business and treat customers, employees, suppliers, community, environment and government in a manner that exemplifies our honesty, ethics and integrity. We recognize our responsibility and are proud of the service and products we provide and the manor we operate.